M any trans-national businesses have evinced an interest in India since the country embraced liberalisation in the early nineties, whether to cater to the Indian market, source products from India or outsource businesses processes to India.

The country has a highly skilled manpower pool, fluent in English. When coupled with state-of the-art telecom infrastructure, this makes it a favorable destination for offshore outsourcing of business processes. Further, the country’s technology savvy talent base gives it an advantage in low-cost manufacturing of engineered products.

On the other hand, India is a complex market with diverse economic strata, differential economic growth across regions, hugely inadequate physical infrastructure, dynamically changing government policies, abysmally low levels of investment in education and vocational training, diverse cultures, geographically dispersed markets and a massive low-cost unorganized distribution structure.

An adequate grasp of these diversities is extremely important prior to formulating product offerings and investment phases for the Indian market. Decisions on partners, acquisition targets and manufacturing locations can also be critical for the success of a business in India.

Quest has developed a unique consulting model for addressing the issues faced by entrants wishing to leverage ‘India’ in their global strategy for growth or cost optimisation. Our experience across sectors, knowledge of the Indian markets and consumers, and an understanding of government regulations and policies has stood us in good stead while assisting a number of companies from North America, Europe and Asia prepare and  implement India entry strategies.

We have also helped clients harness India’s low-cost potential, through strategic sourcing, vendor identification and by way of outsourcing their customer facing and back-office processes.

Quest helps companies understand the contradictions of the Indian market and industry by leveraging network partner capabilities. We assist companies in identifying products that can have factor advantages when manufactured in India. We also help identify suitable suppliers with the appropriate technology for production at desired price points, and help assess their financial capability and credibility in business dealings. We also assist in identification of strategic alliance partners and acquisition targets, due diligence and location studies.

We assist the client in identifying and setting up the optimal structure/entity in India, given the regulatory environment. Our search practice can also help staff and manage the Indian outfit.

Our India entry practice has assisted several global corporations in businesses as diverse as media, financial services, education, chemicals, information technology and FMCG to explore and/or set up operations in the Indian sub-continent. We are not constrained by any industry limitations and amongst the partners in the firm, enjoy deep relationships at several levels across sectors.

We also offer Business Incubator Services, to our clients, in the early stage of market development, by offering work stations, communications access and secretarial support. Our office is well located, near the downtown business district, close to the offices of major banks and state government offices. This enables the client, in the early stage of market development, to focus on the more important part of building their business.